#20 Bunch Rich French

I thought that in Europe I could cross the border without getting my passport checked. The border in my image was without buildings.
Actually, the countries are separated with mountains. I had to cross a mountain from Italy to France. However, the temperature in the mountain seemed to be minus 15 degrees Celsius, so I had to go through a high toll tunnel. and there were check points to crackdown on
Well, the reason for going to France was to meet friends. I went from my Italian friend’s house to French friend’s house. It would very enjoyable if there were friends all over the world.
A couple named Sam and Alex. They seemed to know my Italian friends but they are not very close.
Italy and France seemed to have a rivalry heart. It was something similar to the relationship between Japan and China and Korea.

When I meet Sam there, she greeted me with a kiss. A greeting in Europe, when a person meet someone, would kiss each other on the cheeks 1 to 4 times. So-called social kiss.
I felt very nervous for a shy Japanese.
French greetings are intimate and friendly
Alex’s father was the mayor of this town. One day, when I met him on the way, I said a French word that I knew ‘cava? (How are you?)’. Then I felt strange vibes from guys he was with.
I learnt later that I need to use honorific words in French rather than frank words like in English. That custom was the same in Japan.
I failed and I studied greetings properly later.
After that, I was invited to his house for dinner.
The house was built across the river with a large garden like a park.
There were lazy dogs and a black cat.
They were like aristocrats.
He prepared good wine, truffle salad, the meat of baby goat with a nice sauce,
Probably the most expensive cuisine I’ve ever had.
It was very tasty, but I could not afford to enjoy dinner because I was nervous.
It was better for me to eat simple food in a camp.

I was also introduced to Sam’s family. This family was very lively. When I arrived home, powerful mom sang welcome songs for me. There was no calm atmosphere at all.
All the family gathered at the party that evening.
Sam’s mom was divorced and had a child with both husbands. It looked like a very complicated relationship, but the whole family was on good terms. I was surprised that Sam’s father and the new father were together at this place.
It would be very strange in Japan, but I thought they must have accepted each other and they are able to live happy for both children and family.
They were a very talkative family, and Mom was interested in Japanese culture and her bedroom was decorated with pictures of Japan.
There was an interesting picture of a kanji. ‘静’.
It seemed that she did not know it’s meaning which is quiet.
It was funny that the kanji had a big gap with her aura.
Perhaps, she might be quiet with her husband at night.



アレックスの父は、この街の町長らしい。ある日、道であった時に、知ってるフランス語でcava? (How are you?)と言った。すると、そばにいた部下達から変な空気を感じた。


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